High Intensity Functional Fitness in a group setting instructed by educated coaches. Our coaches will be along side of you every step of the way ensuring proper movements and form. All levels of fitness welcomed!

Fitness & Cardio

We incorporate an intense fitness and cardio program into our daily workouts to ensure you stay in peak performance.


We fully believe in a well-balanced diet along with a tailored workout program in order to maximize your results.  Our coaches will design a unique plan to meet your personal goals.


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New Members – $200 initiation fee for the first 4 weeks
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Unlimited Classes
12-Month Commitment
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Single Session $60

3 Sessions $160

10 Sessions $450

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What is MaxFit?

MaxFit is High Intensity Functional Fitness in a group setting instructed by educated coaches. Our coaches will be alongside of you every step of the way ensuring proper movements and form.  All levels of fitness are welcomed!  From lifting weights to climbing ropes , our diverse program will not only get you in the best shape of your life but will keep you excited for more.

Not sure if I want to do MaxFit, can I drop in to try a free class?

Sure!  Please fill out the “Try a Free Class” and fill out the waiver.  You can also drop in but make sure you come in 15 minutes early for your first class.  You will also receive an email with the confirmation along with details on what to bring and who to see.

I haven’t worked out in a very long time, will MaxFit be too challenging for me?

Absolutely Not!  The workouts are geared to ALL levels of fitness.  You will be in a group setting and will go at your own pace.  There are modifications to every workout we do.  This is geared to get you stronger.  Our experience coaches will be alongside you to help ensure proper technic.

I’m pregnant, will I be able to work out?

If you’ve been active prior to pregnancy you would definitely be able to work out.  We have several modification that could be use when needed.   We currently have many members that are pregnant and continue to work out until early in their delivery date.

When do you recommend I start the nutrition program to get best results?

We fully believe in a well-balanced healthy diet and tailored workout program in order to maximize your results.  Our recommendation is to start right away!  During your initial “Free Class” discuss your goals with coach so they can create a plan specific to you.

Do you have showers and restrooms?

Yes.  We have 4 bathrooms and 2 have showers.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of options.  Please refer to Price section of the site.  But your FIRST workout is FREE!


I have an existing injury, would I be able to do the workout?

Absolutely!  Our experienced coaches have a variety of options that can be offered for every exercise so you will feel part of the team.  In addition, we have personalized training that can help recover your injury faster.

What should I eat before/after workouts?

Before the workout make sure you are hydrated along with some lean protein and starchy carbs the night before.  If you like to eat before you workout, keep it light and balanced.

After workout, protein along with healthy carbs to maximize recovery and minimize soreness.

What do we do before/after the workouts?

Before, we will do a series of warm ups along with well thought out stretches to reduce the likelihood of injury during the workout.

After, we spend 5-10 minutes cooling down going for a 200 meter walk, or even a cool down jog to help clear some of the lactate buildup from your muscles.

I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get bulky.

You won’t get bulky lifting weights.  It will actually help you build muscle to burn more fat and calories, even when you are not working out.  Please refer to this article:

What type of exercises will I be doing?

Each class will have a variety of movements that could include wallballs, barbell, kettle-bell, rope, tire, jump rope, and many more.  All of the equipment will be provided to you.


Do you have a nutrition program that holds me accountable to achieve my personal goal?

Yes we do!  Our nutrition program is for 6 weeks and we will measure, monitor and hold you accountable throughout the program.  We’ve had huge success stories!  Please refer to the nutritional testimonials on the site.


What can I do if I get to the gym early?

You can spend time on the bike, rower, jump rope and stretching.  If you are working on a particular move (pull ups, toe to bar, double under, headstand pushups) this would be a good time.